Formula 1 Wall of Champions: F1 1000 Edition

After F1 reached the historic milestone of 1000 races, I decided it was time to update and redesign my Wall of Champions. Designed back in 2014, the version on my wall now annoys me with how out of date it is.

So, trying to use images of drivers in the year they won their first championship where possible, the updated version gives a snapshot in time of the champions of the first 1000 races.

Pale Blue Dot

As NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft was about to leave our Solar System in 1989, Carl Sagan pleaded with officials to turn the camera around to take one last look back at Earth before the spaceship left our solar system. The resulting image of the earth from 3.7bn miles away became known as ‘the pale blue dot.’

If ever you need perspective, just think; pale blue dot.



Formula 1 Wall of Champions

Formula One World Champions since 1950I finally completed a little home decorating project; my F1 Wall of Champions.

Every formula one word champion since 1950 proudly displaying their year(s) of victory (Schumacher was a bit of a squeeze!). Stitched together on Photoshop, I had this printed on a large canvas which now graces my living room wall.

If you like this, I updated it to celebrate F1 1000.