Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

The juxtaposition of modern art against industrial buildings - Clarks Factory Street
The juxtaposition of modern art against industrial buildings

For the Weekly Photo Challenge on the theme of juxtaposition I decided to capture the way an ugly industrial building can be transformed by modern art.

This is the factory HQ of Clarks the shoemakers, a hodge-podge of 19th century factories and later offices which has a wonderful collection of modern art from around the world on display.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Next Stop Newfoundland

If you travel another 2300 miles into that horizon you’ll reach Newfoundland.

The water breaking onto the pebble beach of Porlock Weir in Somerset has travelled pretty much that distance since it last saw land.

The ‘Horizon’ theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge by The Daily Post got me thinking about the south west coast of Britain and how big the horizons it gives you really are.

Weekly Photo Challange: Good Morning!

Rush Hour in the Countryside
Rush Hour in the Countryside

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is on the theme of “good morning” and nothing sums this up better for me than the very Somerset-style rush hour traffic I often find myself in first thing in the morning.

Not many people can say their rush-hour experience has more cows and tractors in it than cars!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated


For the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week on the theme ‘Saturated’, I’ve chosen two pictures; ‘bubbles’ and ‘leaf’. I love the bold colours of bubbles, which manages to combine the fuzzy background with the crisp detail of the bubble in the summer sky.


Not only is my leaf saturated with colour and the vivid green hue of new growth, but it’s also saturated with water and heavy with raindrops that looks like crystals.

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