Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Next Stop Newfoundland

If you travel another 2300 miles into that horizon you’ll reach Newfoundland.

The water breaking onto the pebble beach of Porlock Weir in Somerset has travelled pretty much that distance since it last saw land.

The ‘Horizon’ theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge by The Daily Post got me thinking about the south west coast of Britain and how big the horizons it gives you really are.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

I thought I’d have a go at The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, which from 29 November – 6 December has the theme of reflections.

Tree reflected in the still waters of the Grand Western Canal
Tree reflected in the still waters of the Grand Western Canal

Reflections are one of my favourite styles of photography; I love the way you can create a mirror-world to the one you are looking at. I think it’s particularly effective if you take a reflection shot, then flip it 180 degrees so that the reflection becomes the focus of the image and the true shot becomes the distortion of it.

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My Night-Time Garden: Stars and Clouds

Like many people I love a bit of astronomy and gazing into the night-time sky. Since getting my new camera, I’ve been meaning to start using some of the long exposure settings on my camera by trying to capture the night sky. As you can see, I live in a town and in England, so getting a clear sky without too much light pollution isn’t easy!

My shed, Somerset
My shed, Somerset

This shot was taken at ISO 400 and on a 30 second exposure and I quite liked the purple/orangey effect the light pollution had on it.

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