Fungus growing on dead wood

Witches Butter and Crowded Parchment

At a recent walk through around Fyne Court, a National Trust woodland in Somerset, I came across some peculiar looking fungi, which have even more peculiar names. This is Tremella mesenterica, or yellow brain fungus for short. It goes by many names, including witches butter, yellow trembler and the golden jelly fungus, and you can … Continue reading Witches Butter and Crowded Parchment

Green Grow The Rushes, Ho! An English Folksong

I wanted to share a fantastic English folk song common in Somerset and the Westcountry which I recently learned. It's really difficult to get out of your head once started and its great for making long car journey's fly by! It's called Green Grow The Rush, O! though is sometimes referred to as The Twelve … Continue reading Green Grow The Rushes, Ho! An English Folksong

Sculpture by Anna Gillespie

Sculpture by Anna Gillespie The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Inside, and I've chosen this enigmatic sculpture made of masking tape from the museum stores of the Somerset Heritage Service. It was created by Anna Gillespie, a contemporary British figurative sculptor based in Bath. When I look at it, it makes me wondering whether … Continue reading Sculpture by Anna Gillespie

The Shapwick Hoard: Britain’s Largest Hoard of Roman Silver Denarii

Take a look at this rather attractive pile of coins; who doesn’t like a bit of treasure? It’s actually a photo of the Shapwick Hoard, a collection of 9,262 Roman silver denarii coins found at Shapwick on the Somerset Levels in 1998. Where was it found? The hoard was discovered by amateur metal detectorists in … Continue reading The Shapwick Hoard: Britain’s Largest Hoard of Roman Silver Denarii

Tree Carvings at an Abandonned Farm

Britty is an abandonned small holding on Staple Hill in Somerset. On the trees in the woods around the ruins of the farm buildings are interesting carvings, which look like memories of the people who once lived there. This one was my favourite, the word "tin bath in front of the fire" are carved around … Continue reading Tree Carvings at an Abandonned Farm