Fungus growing on dead wood

Witches Butter and Crowded Parchment

At a recent walk through around Fyne Court, a National Trust woodland in Somerset, I came across some peculiar looking fungi, which have even more peculiar names. This is Tremella mesenterica, or yellow brain fungus for short. It goes by many names, including witches butter, yellow trembler and the golden jelly fungus, and you can … Continue reading Witches Butter and Crowded Parchment

Scarlet Elf Cups at Snowdrop Valley

Scarlet Elf Cup taken in Snowdrop Valley, on Exmoor, Somerset This photo of a tiny Scarlet Elf Cup was taken in Snowdrop Valley near Wheddon Cross on Exmoor, one of Somerset’s magical places. During February every year the floor of the valley is covering in thousands of beautiful snowdrops. Snowdrop Valley The snowdrops were apparently … Continue reading Scarlet Elf Cups at Snowdrop Valley